about me

I have been a naturist and outdoor enthusiast all my life. Watching birds and other animals, exploring the woods around my parents’ house and other outdoor activities was something I started doing as a little child and basically never stopped. Luckily my parents not only tolerated but encouraged my interests and gave me the liberties I needed to explore and enjoy nature.

With such interests it was pretty much inevitable that I made my passion my profession, so I studied environmental planning with a focus on nature protection and conservation and got a job as a specialist at a county-level nature protection agency.

My favourite location by far is the sapmi (lapland) area in northern Scandinavia, where my dad took me on my first backpacking trip at age eleven. The remoteness and breathtaking landscapes give me a sense of belonging that very few other places can give me. Whenever I am hiking there, which happened often in the past years, I feel more at home than being on vacation.

Although my heart and soul belong to sapmi, I enjoy nature wherever I am and I always find some spot that gives a sense of wonder and feels special. Especially hiking gives me the opportunity to really experience the world around me, because it is slow enough to use all senses and you can still get around.

My path to photography started late and slow. I have owned various (compact) cameras for more than ten years now, but most of that time I was content with the point and click snapshots I took on vacations and occasionally on hikes at home. That finally changed when I got a bridge-camera in the fall of 2018, and in typical fashion for new toys took it everywhere to test all the new cool features. I started to notice that my pictures lacked a certain quality and expressiveness that could only in part be explained by technical limitations.

Realising that the error lied mostly behind the viewfinder, I started learn more about photography so I could get better at capturing what I saw, and with that dedication came passion for what I was doing.

Since that moment I dedicate a lot more time and effort into my new found passion in order to let others see the world with my eyes.